Rules of our beach

For the best and most effective operation of the beach , have ” adopted ” some rules of store personnel and the public bodies !!

Our four-legged friends are welcome in our store to be accompanied by their parents with their straps , to avoid unpleasant situations !!

It would also be grateful to their parents to be careful with their dirt because unfortunately even the toilet has not been created for our beloved pets.

We also provide our customers the opportunity to have free sun beds, provided that the consumption will be from the shop.

So, not holding your own products (food-beverage), for the reason that the fiki fiki, can offer you what you need.

Otherwise, the store has the right to terminate the provision of free sunbeds! It should be stressed that follow such a policy for tax purposes!

Also , you have the opportunity to book sunbeds with no additional charge if you be here at fiki !! Can not book online !

The fiki beach bar, also offers free sunbeds for customers of the following hotels !!

Additionally, by specifying the discount card guarantee 10% discount on your meal in our restaurant “Gialos”.

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