Our facilities

The direct service and the convenience of our customers is our top priority and is distinguished mainly by proper location of confirmation. The access into the village center on foot is just 7 minutes while the distance of the bus station is only five minutes . Our facilities are specially configured with the appropriate structures for the disabled, so that the movement of our restaurant on the beach will be easily! Besides the toilet facilities for our customers, the store offers showers and changing rooms so that there is no stress of returning to their accommodation. Of course, we could never forget the existence of our little friends and their need for the game. Thus, we have  a safe  playground  next to the restaurant with swings and various games that will make the kids happy and to diffuse this joy to adults with their laughter .

As for our little friends the pets , politics of the restaurant is to require owners to keep their area clean and above ” everything is a strap to prevent various episodes !!

Have a look here for our rules!