Pefkohori Village

It is one of the most beautiful and remarkable tourist resorts of Halkidiki.Located towards the end of the first leg and is considered constant value from the mid-70 ..

Pefkohori combines modern music facilities with traditional color .. The nightlife encounters many moments of relaxation and so is the ideal holiday place for all tastes .. Taking a walk in the village, you will discover in every alley beautiful gardens of houses .. Blossoms lemon, jasmine and bougainvillea provide color and scent the Village ..

Pefkohori is from Thessaloniki 105 km., And the tourist season starts from the Holy Week of Easter and ends in Agiodimitriatiko little summer. If until now did not know whether or not you lived a few days as you would like, Pefkohori is there, dreams and your own holiday can come true and waiting for you.